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Notebooks that take care of your vision

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The SAVI Brand was created and designed by Sandra Ayuso; Visual rehabilitator. Prof. In disc. Visual and Esp. in early stimulation.

Rehabilitation and visual stimulation service in the City of Comodoro Rivadavia. 

Visual rehabilitation specialist in Comodoro Rivadavia

Savi can be used by all people

People who wish to maintain adequate visual health.

People with low vision, developmental disorders, motor disorders or attention deficit disorders. Since the variety in line width  makes it possible to adapt to different spellings. 
The design of the lines in high contrast and color allow for high visualization.

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Using matte yellow leaves to minimize glare. High contrast and thicker lines, allowing their visualization.

The graduation of the width of the line allows regulating its spelling, the graphic space, accompanying grapho-motor development. In this way, the font size that is readable for the person by freehand is achieved and the type of line is established according to each one.


SAVI is a valuable and practical work tool that allows you to observe the graph-visual-motor process in addition to being used for any type of reading-writing task.

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